The engineers of beers


71 Brewing Co Ltd.  is an independent brewery based in Dundee, Scotland. Since 2016 we have been crafting crisp lagers and seasonal beers inspired by progressive new world flavours and our favourite traditional classics. Our goal; to make beer that is bold but inclusive, refreshing to the last and always packed with flavour.

From the intrigued, new consumer to the experienced beer connoisseur we have flavours and styles that will excite everyone. Quality and consistency are our watchwords but always driven by that creative spark to create something very special.


Blueprint Series

Our Blueprint range is an evolving, seasonal line-up of progressive craft beers. With ABVs from 2.8% up to 5.5% these beers are accessible to all, as packaged offering in retailers and as high volume, flagship products to serve on draft.

Lager Series

Our lager range showcases the roots of how we originally started our journey, brewing crisp lagers, with a range of classics inspired by our travels across the world. These are the beers that people like to buy in big cans and big volumes.

Specials & Collaborations

An ever evolving series of small batch beers inspired by the flavours we love and our friends from other UK and international breweries.

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When it opened at its Bellfield Street site in a former ironworks building, 71 Brewing – the “Engineers of Beer” – became the first brewery to...